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The learned `Alim has provided the
Compilation, Translation and detailed Refutation for
100 Fabricated Hadiths

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Note: Many of the readers may be shocked to discover on the title cover of this book, the brief headings of the often quoted popular narrations. Many of which are propagated with deep conviction and sectarian pride. The author claims that these widespread narrations are falsely attributed to the Prophet. 

Note: When a laity casts doubt as to the authenticity of a Hadith, that doubter is asked by his/her elders to stop treading the perilous path and consult an `Alim. Here an `Alim is warning the believers of serious consequences (such as hell fire) for knowingly propagating lies (fabricated narrations), in the name of the Prophet. Many of the Hadiths listed below are the ones that we often hear from the Imams and the members of the traveling Jamaats. I would humbly request the readers to make a copy of the list and give it to your Imams and the Preachers along with a copy of the back page. Let them read and decide. 

Our duty is to convey the message. The author writes "Fabricated ahadith stunt the spiritual growth of the Muslim Ummah." May be, this is one of the reasons that the Prophet (s.a.s) had ordered his companions NOT to write his narrations (except the revealed verses) and to ERASE whatever they had written. I have not come across any narration wherein the Prophet had withdrawn his earlier strict order. The argument that the said BAN was provisional, transitory or short termed to protect the error of the mixing of the verses of the Qur'an with the Prophetic Sayings, is but a "straw man" created to justify the writings and compilations. If that was not the case then Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim would have quoted several narrations that they had physically copied from the earlier written manuscripts. The total absence of this, upholds the fact that the strict BAN for the writing of the Prophetic Sayings was very religiously, rigorously and strictly observed by the first four or five generations of the believers, even after the Revealed Verses of the Qur'an had been duly compiled by the third Khaipha Uthman (r.a.), in 651 C.E. Jazak Allah Khair.

Request: The author has spent his valuable time doing the research. Please support his work by buying a copy and keeping it handy for ready reference.
Your message will not carry any weight unless you know the basis of rejection. 


Personal Note: To acquaint the readers of my personal point of view on this critical subject I reproduce below the last paragraph from chapter number twelve of my book Myth and Realities of Hadith - a critical study:

     "Islam takes pride in being a lucid, rational and above all easy to understand faith. Consequently, attempts by the traditionalist or Ulemas to either suppress or criticize thinking Muslims who have reservations about these dubious narratives so closely related to the Prophet’s life run contrary to our tradition. It would be a      judicious decision to face the uncertainties and doubts as they were faced in the third and fifth centuries Hijri and re-examine the unreliable narrations. These should be weeded out and no longer promoted as authentic reports. The dialogue has already begun – in cyberspace."                    Akbarally Meherally

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